From time to time, Korea Curated and its founders, Marie and Cory, receive opportunities to be in the media.
Sometimes it’s on TV, in a magazine, a blog, radio, or some other form of media.
We really hope you enjoy the content below!


EBS 한국기행 – Korea travel 춘천가는 길 1부 경춘선, 추억을 달리다

We were a featured couple in EBS’s Korea travel program called “한국기행” (Hanguk gihaeng).
In this episode, the topic is about escaping Seoul via train out towards Chuncheon, in Gangwon province.
We had a great time going out to Nami island, ziplining, riding a tandem bike, riding a rail bike, and staying in a Hanok-style house with delicious BBQ meat at the end of the day.
We appear throughout the whole episode, so watch the whole video! Turn on [CC] for English subtitles.

tbsTV 외국인 창업, 어렵지 않아요

tbsTV featured Korea Curated on a segment about foreigners living in Seoul who started their own businesses.
You get to see some behind-the-scenes footage of Korea Curated hard at work!


KBS World Radio “Touch Base in Seoul” Program

We were invited to do a radio interview on the program “Touch Base in Seoul” about Korea Curated.
Click HERE to listen to the radio interview.
Once on their website, click the  icon to listen to the full broadcast.

tbs eFM 101.3Mhz “Koreascape” Program

Marie was featured on a Koreascape episode entitled “Why here?”, which was about expats and why they’ve decided to purse a life in Korea.
Listen to the broadcast HERE.


Seoul Searching

Seoul Searching power blogger, Mimsie Ladner, featured Korea Curated on her website.
If you haven’t had a chance to yet, we highly suggest you visit Seoul Searching to read amazing, high quality articles about all aspects of living life in Korea!
It’s a great resource for finding out about where to go, what to do, and other things that are off the beaten path in Korea.

Indieful ROK

Indieful ROK (Republic of Korea) is a fantastic blog highlighting all things related to the indie music scene in Korea.
We were featured on their blog back in April 2016, when we featured indie band Jun Bum Sun & The Yangbans in one of our subscription boxes.
Check out the article HERE.
And enjoy our interview video with Jun Bum Sun & The Yangbans HERE.


“brunch” – Korean news about Start Up business culture

We were interviewed and featured on this news website focusing on Korea’s start up and entrepreneurial culture scene.
Click HERE to see the full interview article (in Korean only), along with their interview video (also in Korean only).