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Family wedding photo!

Who are we?

‘Korea Curated’ was created by Marie Frenette and Cory May.  Marie is a Canadian entrepreneur who has been living in Korea since 2006.  Cory is a Korean-American, who was born and raised in Japan, and started making videos on YouTube when he moved to Korea in February 2013.
We met in 2014 and began planning ways to spend our lives together and make a living by sharing Korea with the world.   We have our YouTube channel Cory & Marie, where we make food and lifestyle videos about Korea. We are the parents of 4 cats and 1 dog. We have been happily married since August 2016!

What are we?

Korea Curated brings unique products created by local Korean artists, designers, entrepreneurs and musicians to your doorstep, no matter where you live in the world. Pick and choose your favorites at our SHOP or let us curate a box for you every month by subscribing here.

Where are we?

We are located in central Seoul, South Korea.  Your subscription box and all the goodies within it are packaged in the heart of Seoul.  To be more specific, our house and business office are located in Yongsan District (용산구).  The name means “Dragon Hill”, derived from the hanja characters for dragon (龍 YONG) and hill/mountain (山 SAN).

When did we start?

This business idea was something that we both thought about, even before we met each other.  After a lot of discussions, we decided to finally make it happen in August of 2015.

Why do we do it?

Through our YouTube channel, Cory and Marie, we have been able to share a lot of Korea with the world, but we always felt like there was something missing. We would always come across amazing artists and their works, designers and their super cool products, and we realized we had never seen any of those things outside of Korea.
Korea Curated is our way to help you to experience Korea with all of your senses, from wherever you are in the world, and support these amazing Korean artists and designers.

How do we do it?

We explore the streets and neighborhoods of Seoul, meet with local artists and shops, and find all the cool little things that we think are totally amazing!  This is how we find the items that go into your monthly box and are later offered on our shop.  It’s a passion of ours to explore and find new things to share with you!  We’ve built good relationships with these artists and businesses, so you know that your items are coming from a good place.